Monday, September 7, 2009

The Kitten

I never thought this would ever happen in my life but it did. I now have a cat. When I was little, Kourtni and I always wanted a cat and so we'd ask, "Will you get us a kitty Daddy?" Then he'd say something like," Oh sure I'll get you one tomorrow," but he never did. And finally we have a cat. She's really cute but she's a lot of hard work. One way to keep her busy though is to get a string and tie something funky on the end of it and then let her catch it. Then pull it away. Then let her catch it again, then pull it away. She also wakes us all up in the morning with her wailing and meowing. I don't know if we're really going to keep her but for the time being, I like her.

Her name is Cub because she stands on her hind feet like a bear.

Introducing the cat to Griffey.

We put her in this little Doll bed when she was asleep. This cat is spoiled.