Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We just got back from registering me for 8th grade and I'm on the blue team. That's good because blue team's better for 8th grade than green team is but so far, most of my friends are on green. That stinks but I'll still see them in the hallways and at lunch and break. Plus I have choir with most of them. I don't really want to go back to school but I can't stop it so I'm trying to "embrace" it.  

Thursday, August 13, 2009

School Shoes

So today Mom and I were out shopping and I got my favorite pair of shoes. They are Rocket Dogs. Then a few weeks ago, I bought some converse shoes with a funky design on them for only $25. Thats pretty good for converse. Both pairs will be my new school shoes.

I love them!

My Birthday

So, yesterday was my birthday and it was really good. Mom and I did Kenpo in the morning and let me tell you, it is hard! Then we went to Mom's classroom and worked in there for a little bit. Then, because I turned 13(hooray), we ate pizza at Lucky 13. We were really hungry so Kourtni, Payton and I polished off a whole large pizza. Once Dad got home, we had chicken fettucini and then Kourtni and I went to mutual. For the activity, we played fugitive (but we played it in the light and no one had cars- we were just on foot). So the objective was to be the first one to get from the church to Albertson's(for those of you don't live in Idaho, it is a grocery store). My friend Lexi and I just wanted to do it for fun so we just, you know, walked/ran through Simplot fields, up the hill, and through the parking lot. Then one of our leaders at the other end of the lot was calling for us to come quick and, what do you know, we had won. Well I say we but I got there before Lexi and she insisted that I won so I got the "Trophy". If you want to call it that.

Then my Beehive leader Sister Lowe gave me a happy birthday balloon and candy.

Kourtni got me a cute shirt.

Payton got me some candy and an orange organizer.

Alyssa mailed me a picture frame/picture of her and I (sorry Lyss, I had to put stickers on it).

Mom and Dad got me finger nail polish and remover,

A camera case...

and... a... CAMERA!

I love it so much. Plus the case color is really cute.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Jeans are the best. I've forgotten how much I like them because it's been summer. But since school is getting close(eewww) and I made $40 baby-sitting last night, Mom, Kourtni and I decided to go shopping at Ross. I got two pairs of some sweet Billabong jeans. Both were dark blue but one pair was skinny leg and the other pair was flair. I really liked them but when I showed Dad the skinny leg ones, he says " Those need to go back, those are the jeans gay people wear!" I laughed when he said that and told him that only guys who are gay wear them and that they were girls jeans. Then I showed him my other ones and he liked those better so he eased up and said," What do I know, I'm a middle aged dad." Haha :) Anyway, I think I made a good "investment" in them.