Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just Stuff I Bought

Yesterday Mom, Kourtni and I went shopping for something to wear to Ashley's wedding. We tried to coordinate with her color theme and this is what we got.
Ear rings. Not for the wedding because they don't match what I'm wearing but they're really light so they don't hurt my ears.

These also are not for the wedding (except for the middle shoes) but I liked them all. Plus I needed a new belt.
This is the dress Mom bought me and cardigan that I will wear for the wedding (well reception because I can't exactly go into the temple yet). Cute, eh?
These are not exactly mine and we are not even sure if they are even real Uggs but they are really warm and I can tell people they are real. Haha.
These are the shoes I bought because I love them. They are colorful, lightweight, and $30. Heehee yay.

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Aly G said...

Gees spoiled much! Good taste you have niecey pooh!