Monday, January 25, 2010

No School=Powell's

Usually Payton and I are the only ones home on no school days because Mom is at her meetings, Kourtni is with her friends and Dad is at work. So I mean, we have to have something to do so we go to Powell's Sweet Shoppe. It is basically a tradition. Powell's has almost every candy you could think of or want. It is spendy though( like Payton spent $1.20 on a pack of peanut butter m&ms). It's always fun though and, since we had no school today, Payton and I hopped on over to THE candy shop of East Boise.

My candy
Powell's logo
My candy again. I like the white gummy bears!
GuMmY bEaRs

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Alyssa Ball said...

love your pics and your depth of field you little photographer, you!